Don’t Let a Weak Bladder Hold You Hostage!
Buy Confitrol24 in Canada

Buy Confitrol24 in Canada
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What is Confitrol24?

There is a supplement that promises to support the health of the urinary tract. The product is for women who are having problems with their bladders. It is possible to decrease these symptoms and improve the tone of the bladder.

The health of the surrounding tissues is supported by it. It is blended to give you control over your bladder. It is strengthened to help retain the urine. The supplement is able to fight infections that may be destabilizing your bladder.

The supplement reduces the urge to urinate, strengthens your bladder, and helps prevent aging effects on your bladder. There are two different kinds of incontinence, the one that comes from pressure from the abdominal region and the one that is caused by a lack of coordination between the spine and brain. There are 60 capsules in a bottle. The use of this supplement is well-known as it was a finalist in the US awards.

Confitrol24 Ingredients

Here are the primary active ingredients in Confitrol24:

  • Lindera Aggregata Extract – This is an evergreen shrub or small tree used frequently in Chinese medicine. There’s some evidence that it can treat the symptoms of overactive bladder and urinary incontinence.
  • Horsetail – This is a plant called Equisetum Arvense, which has powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects. It can repair urinary tract damage by killing free radicals and reducing swelling. It’s used to treat kidney and bladder conditions and urinary incontinence.
  • Crateva Nurvala – This is a tree that grows abundantly in India. It has rich medicinal properties and is particularly used to treat urinary conditions. It contains antioxidants called flavonoids which can repair damage to the urinary tract and strengthen immunity.

How Does Confitrol24 work?

Raw Horsetail comes to give your body fluid retention. It is used to treat incontinence, urinary tract infections, as well as bladder and kidney stones. Crataeva Nurvala is used in the treatment of bladder sensitivity as well as prostate enlargement. It is also used in the prevention of kidney stones as well as their expulsion. Lindera Aggregata is a Chinese herb that has been known to prevent frequent urination from cold.

Through this combination of supplements, your bladder is able to have healthy urination as it is strengthened with the constant use of the supplement. You are able to retain urine over longer durations and go less than eight times a day. Night urination, known as Nocturia, is reduced by 50% while accidents are also reduced which allows you to get off incontinence pads.

How to Use Confitrol24

Confitrol24 is a supplement that is manufactured using capsules that are meant to be swallowed. It is a dietary supplement that does not require any prescription to purchase. You will be required to take this supplement at least 2 months for you to see the difference in your life even though the first few weeks will give you positive results. You can have so much more control of your life when you take this supplement as it works to strengthen the muscles in your bladder. You will be able to get back to activities that you could not do due to accidental leaks.

Side Effects of Confitrol24

Confitrol24 is a supplement that uses three herbs from the Ayurvedic, Western, and Chinese herbal medicine. These are herbs that have been used consistently over a long time. Combining these herbs has been done under strict laboratory conditions by industry experts who have years of experience and study of the interaction of these herbs together.

Raw Horsetail is known to have an enzyme that works like thiaminase. Thiaminase is an enzyme that is used in the breakdown of Thiamine, Vitamin B1. Thiaminase therefore causes a deficiency of Vitamin B1 as it breaks Thiamine into two making it useless. While Horsetail is a useful herb, the presence of this thiaminase-like enzyme makes it unsafe for use. Confitrol24 has ensured that it extracts the herb while taking away the thiaminase-like capability of Horsetail.

Confitrol24 Dosage

The supplement is in capsule form and contains 60 capsules for each bottle. This translates to thirty servings for a full month; when it comes to dosage, it’s vital to follow the manufacturers manual ensuring that you are safe and take the required dosage.

The dietary supplement is made up of three natural ingredients Ayurvedic, Western, and Chinese herbal medicine. These extracts have been used over long periods of time; they have also been extensively tested and experimented with, ensuring it’s safer for the human body. The natural ingredients used are completely safe for human consumption.

Where to Buy Confitrol24 in Canada
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Where to Buy Confitrol24
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